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Rooms Intro

AnaYela has 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms are on the ground floor open onto the pool in the heart of the patio, 1 bedroom and 2 large bedrooms are on the first floor next to the open plan lounge offering room for 10 guests. Room 3 first floor bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning, which, even when temperatures are high, is useless on the ground floor with this characteristic type of open construction. Each room has its own interior design, two large rooms plus bath masonry in 2 places.

The patio (courtyard)
The heart houses Moroccan city is the large courtyard, open upward, forming as it were the lounge in the open. There is pleasantly cool even in the summer when temperatures rise - only 17 days of rain a year on average allow this type of construction. A heated pool is located inside AnaYela the center of the patio.

For conferences, the lounge offers space to 10 participants. Equipment with Wireless Lan (as in the rest of the house) and all utility facilities (fax, photocopy, ....) offer the ideal setting for workshops and seminars. A fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere in the winter months.

The open plan lounge
A large open and spacious first floor lounge invite up to 20 people to sit or lie down. Here we eat, discussed and relaxes. During the winter months, open living room is heated by infrared spots, which allows use all year round.

The spacious terrace you can organize entertainment event with up to 100 people (up to 50 seats for dining and cocktail receptions up to 100 people). The top of the terrace that overlooks the town red, we offer day and night a spectacular panorama of the entire city of Marrakech. Besides the cocktail bar is a food tent and lounge.

The Flying Carpet
The small tower on the terrace plays an important role in the history of AnaYela. It is the love that united the "flying carpet" - one of the highest points of the city. Breakfast or dinner with a fantastic panorama becomes an unforgettable experience. And he who knows the magic formula can fly itself the roofs of the town red in this enchanting mats.