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AnaYela is a small, 300-year-old city palace in the heart of the Medina, the historic city of Marrakesh. “Ana Yela” translates literally as “I am Yela” and the architecture tells the story of a girl called Yela who once lived in this riad.

The restoration of the riad took months and was carried out using only traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, for which Marrakesh is famous throughout the world. A renowned calligrapher hammered the story in silver on the vast doors through the house, like pages of a book. Every single piece of furniture, every lamp, all the decorations, are individually handmade by Moroccan artisans. As a result the house as a whole is a spectacular piece of art in itself. Here all one’s senses are beguiled and inspirational energies and emotions are awoken and set free in this unique atmosphere.

Morocco is also famous for its hospitality and the friendliness of its people. In the Anayela you encounter a new dimension of service – warm, attentive, personal. Staying at the Anayela is an authentic, cultural, luxury experience for the soul and brain. A calm place for relaxation but also subtle inspiration and stimulation of the senses. We care about each guest and want to make your stay unforgettable! Our biggest reward is the smile on your face. Anayela – A place of Inspiration!


By definiton, a „riad“ is an enclosed garden or courtyard. So a riad is built around a public open-sky courtyard and private rooms around it.
The Anayela has a beautiful courtyard with a swimming pool in the heart of it. Two deluxe bedrooms are on the ground floor that open to the pool area. They have a small sitting area in front of the door.
One superior room and two suites are on the first floor. Here you can also find the open lounge offering room for ten guests to relax, eat or play. The first floor bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning, which, even when temperatures are high, is not needed on the ground floor with this characteristic type of open construction (nevertheless – if you need an airconditioning in high summer or heating in the winter, we will provide you with portable alternatives). Each room has its unique interior design, the two suites come with a private fireplace as well.


The heart of Moroccan riads is the large open-sky courtyard. The way the houses are built provides a kind of natural air-conditioning that keeps it pleasantly cool in summer when temperatures rise and warm in winter. With only 17 days of rain a year on average Marrakesh allows this type of construction (still in winter we close the roof with a see-through plastic for more comfort). A pool is located in the center of the patio that is great for refreshment in summer.


The lounge on the first floor is the perfect place to relax and digest the experiences you made in the Medina. Or just for a good read, talk or a round of backgammon. Or for a lunch or dinner lying down on the big sofa beds. It is also great for workshops and interactive meetings. During the winter months, the open living room can be heated, which allows its use all year round.


The terrace overlooks the red city and offers a spectacular panorama of the entire city of Marrakesh by day and night . The terrace ist he perfect place for breakfasts and dinners – and in between for sunbathing.
If you are looking for the perfect spot for your birthday party, company workshop or cocktail location – this is it. We can organize private cocktails, parties and dinners from 4 to 60 people. Since 2011, the Anayela hosts the pre-evening speaker dinner of the TEDxMarrakesh on the terrace.


The small tower on the terrace plays an important role in the Story of Yela. It is here where Yela found here love - on one of the highest points of the city. This is one of the most romantic spots you can find in Marrakesh. Breakfast or private romantic dinner with a fantastic panorama becomes an unforgettable experience. ...and he who knows the magic formula can fly himself over the roofs of the red city.