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About us

In 2007 we started the renovation of the Anayela to become a „Place of Inspiration“. A guest of the very beginning was Prof. Dr. Daniel Salber, a reknown psychologist. And this is how he experienced the Anayela:

„To find the new, one must leave behind the old.  Normally this is a painful and risky process. However when one has experienced how beautiful strange new worlds can be – and that they will be carried instead of drowning as they make that transition to the "new world" - that experience can be very freeing. This feeling can be experienced at the AnaYela.

One leaves time and space behind and as you move away from Western culture with its constraints and abstractions and you rediscover in Marrakesh a different reality – a sensual and grounded, analog world.

You leave yourself, but not everything about you.  You are not alone in the desert – paradoxically you feel the opposite, you are at home.  In the foreign and unknown to feel at home is a surprising experience and grants you courage to go beyond the status quo. You can inspire the rediscovery of your soul and broaden your horizons.  Only through logic and contemplation you don’t get new ideas, only headaches.  Business and businesses are made by people and people need sensual and moving experiences.  From this new work can unfold.

From a psychological perspective the AnaYela does something like our nightly dreams.  It gives unlived life possibilities room – a place – to come alive and brings the other side into play which remains dormant in everyday life. The AnaYela affirms the belief in what is new and the trust in our own creative force. The AnaYela is no romantic hotel, but an elaborate dream machine, a transformation factory thought through to the most finite details.“