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Our chef Kahdija is a genius in the kitchen. Every day we prepare a surprise set menu with 3 courses for our guests. We buy all ingredients fresh on the day – so we always need to know until 2pm the latest if you want to eat with us! We are also happy to reserve a restaurant for you!
Like this we ensure that everything is always fresh and we don’t have a lot of left overs! If you are a vegetarian or have allergies – please let us know and we will prepare the food accordingly!

For special occasions and parties you can also order 4- or 5-course menus or buffet style lunch and dinner.

Also - you can reserve a table from outside - but please call us at least a day before on +212 (0)524 386969.


Mosaic of fine salads
Selected briouates with cheese or chicken
Pastille with vegetables or fish
Vegetarian soup (grass, tomato, lentil, chickpea)
Harira soup of Ramadan.


* Berber Couscous with 7 vegetables with beef or chicken.
* Vegetarian Couscous.
* Tagine meat with vegetables.
* Tagine of lamb with figs, plums and walnuts
* Tagine fish with peppers, tomatoes and sweet carrots.
* Tajine sardine dumplings
* Chicken Tagine with Lemon & Saffron
* Tanjia marrakchia (specialty marrakech) mutton or beef.


Moroccan pastries served with mint tea or coffee
Slice of orange cinnamon.
Milk pastilla (pastilla cream with almonds and caramel) juice avocado milk, almond.