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Excursion to the stone desert

The locals call it Agafay desert: this might as well be the Sahara as the feeling of solitude and complete isolation is similar. The land seems to stretch out forever as the impression of being completely disconnected from civilization takes shape. For the next couple of hours, you are submerged in this immensity undisturbed by any sign of life. Civilization finds us again under the shape of a few adobe houses, where you can sample a tea with the locals or experience trekking by camel. 

Camel ride or Quad bike according to your choice 
A tea break in the village at the inhabitant (The driver can arrange for a visit of a Berber house for you to witness the day to day life of these mountain people ) 
Crossing the Agafay hills you arrive on the edge of Lalla Takerkoust lake built as a dam, where Marrakech gets its electricity from. A great spot for lunch, with a superb view over the lake 
Back to Marrakech around 4pm